Seniors - Consumer Database

Today's senior market is the fastest growing segment of our society. Millions of Baby Boomers are joining the senior ranks as their ages reach the half-century mark.

Seniors are great prospects for travel opportunities, health and vision care services, insurance, investment offers and smaller niche marketers who offer specialized products or services.

An often hidden segment of the mature market is elderly parents living with their children. Caretakers of elderly parents comprise an expanded market segment for items targeting older Americans. Target higher income households with elderly parents for cooking, housecleaning and lawncare services.

These active Americans often have the time and income to support humanitarian and fundraising causes. Remember, too, that mature Americans with grandchildren are excellent prospects for children's products.

Information on this file is reported by two or more sources.

Suggested applications:

  • Travel offers
  • Clothing, toys for grandchildren
  • Insurance promotions
  • Retirement community offers
  • Health and vision care