New Parents Database

The birth of a child, particularly the first child, is a major lifestage event for new parents. It's an event that triggers a wave of consumer purchases ranging from diapers, clothing, food and insurance to homes, furnishings, cars and appliances.

As a market segment, these families outspend childless couples two to one and are prime candidates for not only a full range of baby products, but also daycare, home entertainment, photography, recreation and catalog offer5-virtually any product or service that promises the young family a better way of life.

No other life cycle list offers the accuracy, cost-efficiency or selections of our New Parents Database including the option of defining markets at either the expectant stage or after delivery.

Compiled from more than 2,500 public and proprietary sources and updated at the rate of about 65,000 new names weekly, The New Parents Database can turn today's baby boomlet into a veritable sales boom for your business.

Information on this file is reported by two or more sources.

Consider this:

  • Almost one out of every two births today is a first birth, creating enormous marketing opportunities.
  • Most first-birth families are also two-career families-working moms and dads with large, disposable incomes and no brand loyalties where child care products are concerned.
  • New parents outspend childless families two to one.

The New Parents Database defines the market at either the expectant stage or after delivery, an option no one else offers. Weekly updates ensure that your direct marketing effort is a success.