New Mover Database

Every year, nearly one in five Americans changes residence. New movers are eager to establish relationships with a wide range of local businesses. Reach out to this diverse, yet highly responsive, market with the New Mover Database.

The New Mover list is available daily or weekly, providing a fresh source of recently reported new movers. Take advantage of the Daily New Phone Connections list and reach prospects ahead of your competition! Both options assure you deliverable names and broad, in-depth coverage.

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Number of Records

Cost Per Record In Dollars


 10 cents = $200.00


 8 1/2 cents = $425.00


 7 cents = $700.00


 6 cents = $1,500


 5 cents = $2,500.00


 4 1/2 cents = $3,375.00


 3 1/2 cents = $3,500.00

New movers are excellent prospects for household furnishings and appliances, home improvement offers, phone service, garden and workshop tools, insurance, local retail stores banks, credit card organizations, catalogers, fund-raising associations and restaurants.

Target new movers by distance of move, whether the move was local or out-of-state, or by type of dwelling moved from and to. Refine your prospect universe further with demographic selects like age, estimated income and presence of children to target the right households for your offer.

No New Mover information is derived from the United States Postal Service's NCOA file.

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Suggested applications:

  • Home improvement, furnishings
  • Retail, restaurant promotions
  • Lawn tools and services
  • Newspaper and magazine offers