New Homeowner Database

Why is the New Homeowners Database such a valuable resource to marketers?

A rich source of new prospects, the New Homeowners Database enables you to target offers to millions of Americans each year who are new to their neighborhood, have special needs and are ready to establish loyal relationships.

With above-average incomes and specific purchasing needs, new homeowners are highly receptive to direct mail and telephone promotions. What do they buy? Everything from lawn and landscaping services to home improvement products and home furnishings.

In fact, new homeowners will spend more on home-related products and services within six months of moving than established residents will spend in two years.

Compiled from new phone connections, public records including warranty and security deeds, our New Homeowners Database gives you the most recent and accurate homeowner information available today with approximately 14 million records approximately 290,000 added each week. This database enables marketers to target the most recent new homeowners in any market daily or weekly.

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The New Homeowners Database is an excellent source of names for:

  • Catalogers
  • Financial institutions
  • Lawn & home services
  • Financial services