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Number of Records

Cost Per Record In Dollars


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 8 1/2 cents = $425.00


 7 cents = $700.00


 6 cents = $1,500


 5 cents = $2,500.00


 4 1/2 cents = $3,375.00


 3 1/2 cents = $3,500.00


23,553,492 Million Verified Business E-Mails At its core, LeadsForSale strives to help businesses —large and small— identify and target customers in a more personalized manner. All our services allow clients to help achieve success in the globalized world. Our lead generation team puts it all together for you. We listen, we learn, we watch. Then we provide you with leads and strategies to utilize the data. We have mastered the art of taking cold leads and turning them into clients; if you have a unique product and your only struggle is finding a market, we can help. Consumer Optin E-Mail Marketing Where do we get these e-mails? 1. Partnership with retailers and websites that allow customers to opt-in to receive 3rd party offers that match their consumer profiles. 2. Business data is often collected directly from companies through surveys and phone calls. 3. Alliances with marketing agencies and research companies. 4. Magazine subscriptions. 5. SEC filings. 6. Public information.