Families/Children - Consumer Database

Children of all ages influence household spending decisions. Target more than 22 million families with children by age and/or gender from birth through 25 years. Parents of young children are good prospects for learning products, baby items, daycare services, school supplies, athletic shoes and clothing. Don't overlook the lucrative teen market 5egment. Today's teens are entrusted with family money to purchase household items, and they often have their own income as well. Among single 19-25 year-olds, one half of the men and one third of the women live at home. Households with young adults at home have a higher ratio of earners to dependents and spend 9% more than households with younger children. Information on this file is reported by two or more sources.

Test these market segments:

  • Households with preschoolers
  • Homeowners with children
  • Households with young adults living at home