Ethnic Data

Asian and Other Ethnic Markets

We've combined information from ethnic directories, subscription and membership lists, public records and compiled data to identify ethnicity for more than 67 million American households. Select from 43 different ethnic categories based upon consumer surname.

Asians are among our most popular ethnic selects. Asian Americans represent more than $100 billion in purchasing power. The Asian selects, created with a leading marketing company Segment Data Management Inc., help open the door to this important marketplace.

The Asian selects analyze first and last names for more accurate targeting of consumers of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese descent. If both first and last name are not confirmed as being from the same ethnic group, the name falls under the Asian selection.

Information on this file is reported by two or more sources.

Suggested applications:

  • Advertising
  • Foods
  • Education programs
  • Event planning
  • Books, magazines, newspapers
  • Fashion items
  • Specialty retailers