Consumer Optin E-Mail Marketing

With pricing options to suit every budget, LeadsForSale works with you to make the campaign a success while ensuring that you’re CAN-SPAM compliant. LeadsForSale Global has one of the largest proprietary opt-in email databases in the direct marketing industry built through partnerships with retailers, websites, and magazines.  Most importantly, our superior technology enables us to keep the files updated and clean—meaning higher deliverability and fewer bounces for you.  We achieve this by not only regularly removing bad e-mail addresses but also linking each e-mail to an actual physical address.

As the number of direct mail pieces sent out each year is in steep decline, our email database can boost your ROI by appending your customer files with e-mail, a much more cost-effective medium.  The company strongly values the privacy of subscribers and only delivers e-mails to those who are likely to be interested in an offer.  Besides, you don’t want to anger potential customers with unsolicited spam.
The clichéd quote, “with great power comes great responsibility” is particularly apt here.  We have access to a third of America’s population, roughly the amount that votes in a Presidential election every four years.  

In a list append we add/update e-mail addresses in your database.  In addition, we can also do reverse appends, i.e. connect e-mail address to a physical address and consumer profile.

A large majority of our e-mails are from the United States although we are working on creating global flavors as well.  We can help you sort through our 100,000,000+ email selection with over 260 attributes.  Whether you want to find all Korean-American credit-card users in New Jersey or all high-income females over the age of fifty in Hawaii, we can find the people on-demand in real time.  Whether you’re looking for an obscure list of collectors or looking to target everyone in a certain zipcode, we can help!  
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The following link will allow you to see a layout of all the fields and selections you have to choose from: Consumer Email Layout