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LeadsForSale groundbreaking technology combines publicly accessible social media data with traditional direct marketing resources to provide one of the most comprehensive real-time business directories in the world, tracking the movements of over 40 million people worldwide. LeadsForSale has business b2b e-mail profiles (including title, company, e-mail, phone) for over 20 million individuals and complete business profiles (including address, title, company, phone) for over 40 million individuals. Now, these are huge numbers for a b2b database.
A typical b2b business listing includes name of the individual, title, company name, address, phone number, gender, race, industry, and e-mail address. Most of the rows also have SIC codes, revenue, web address, and number of employees.
Who to market to is often a question of last resort. Most small to mid-sized companies in the b2b marketing space waste time and resources by contacting everyone. As leads dwindle, the companies increase the newsletter's intensity (read: two inane articles a week) and frequency (aka: twice a week); after all, desperate times demand copious amounts of spam. What do you gain besides angering your potential clients and lowering your ROI? People like personal mails that focus on their needs. Just like you don't enjoy receiving generic stock cover letters from potential job-seekers, your potential clients really don't care about your company's BBQ invitation to celebrate the anniversary of your first major deal. They certainly don't care about your company's accomplishments; they care about what you can do for them.

What are you waiting for then? We are waiting and are always ready to provide our premier services to help you reducing burden of work. We provide business mailing list so that you can directly send business email to consumers. Almost all genuine consumers prefer to get information via emails.  They find it more convenient so it has proven convenient for business companies also. We track 35 million employees and business owners worldwide and provide best services of business email lists and directory data. Communicating with consumers by sending emails is way easier, convenient and effective than any traditional way of communicating to reach intended audience. We work for business companies and organizations with a sole objective of helping marketing campaigns recognize and appreciate the differences that are part of diversity.

So, get reliable services of business to business list and step forward to achieve business’s goals and success.

The following link will allow you to see a layout of all the fields and selections you have to choose from: B2B Email Layout