Life Style Data

Helping you understand what drives buying decisions.

Whether you're marketing golf equipment or computers, kitchen appliances or commodities, success means delivering the right offer to the right audience. And for that you need to know your prospects-their interests, activities and lifestyles. You need BehaviorBank, today's leading consumer database with self-reported information on more than 35 million households. BehaviorBank is comprised of responsive consumers who have completed surveys on their brand preferences, computer ownership, leisure activities, occupations, diet and fitness, financial products, reading preferences and more. And BehaviorBank's industry-aligned data can help you target the prospects most likely to buy. With more than 1 million new names added each month, BehaviorBank is always a fresh source of prospects-no matter what your business.

More than 300 individual categories

BehaviorBank can put you in touch with people with interests from crafts to travel. From buyers of books to owners of compact disc players and computers. Credit card users and fitness buffs. Our files are current, clean and continuously updated. Some selects include:

  • Lifestyle interest
  • Mail order buyers
  • Fundraising contributors
  • Personal computer owners
  • Product ownership
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • Investors
  • Pet owners
  • Credit card owners